Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sacred Trickster

The first song on the newest Sonic Youth album The Eternal is called "Sacred Trickster."

Quite possibly one of the best Sonic openers since....well...since....Daydream Nation!!

"Sacred Trickster" is one of the most "punk rock" songs on the Sonic Youth catalog and it rings in at about two minutes. The track is very reminiscent of the material on Dirty and features some syncopated guitar scratching that was used alot by the band on Goo and Dirty.

This song is tuned to DDAF#AD. Although Lee is playing in DDDDAA. Might have to try that one!

The Eternal represents a return to form for Sonic Youth. The record is full of very "classic" sounds, almost as if they were trying to revisit every era of the band.

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