Monday, November 2, 2009

Jams Run Free

The 5th song on the LP Rather Ripped is called "Jams Run Free."

I have always wondered what this song was about. The only portion of the song that could/would allude to any sort of meaning is the first set of lyrics: " Blast ID earth, OM immersed, gold in cave, the blondes come first." The lryics were written by Thurston, so abstract is the name of the game, but is he referring to the end of the world? those that are judged in the end? did Thurston find religion? or just a god to worship? It's possible. Thurston has a tendancy to lead the listener on when putting forth his philosophy on life and living. I also think that the song is just about the end, the world, the band, life, death etc. The end. In the end, the jams will run free. No control, and no structure. Does this make sense?

I also think it's another jab at the bands dance with fame. In years past, Thurston has been quoted by having a "what if" attitude about fame. I think this song aims to set the record straught by stating they would change nothing of their career and truly love what they do. The title itself describes the band on many levels.

Debuted instrumentally sometime in 2005. This song was the centerpiece of the 2006 tour. Often clocking in at 10 minutes. I think this must be the bands favorite song from Rather Ripped as it is one of the only tunes from that album that is still played live.

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