Monday, July 28, 2008

Death To Our Friends

Track 2 on Side 2 of EVOL is an instrumental called "Death To Our Friends."

So far, a Sonic Youth record wouldn't be complete without an instrumental track. The difference between this song and other instrumentals is that "Death To Our Friends" lacked lyrics and it just stayed the way it was. Plus, this song was actually played live for a change.

Lydia Lunch once said her favorite thing about Sonic Youth is the build ups in all the songs. "Death To Our Friends" takes advantage of using the "build up" theory by starting with a simple riff and speeding up and then slowing down. Another progression starts and then builds up again, starting another progression using the build up then slow down mold. In 1985, the song contained the lyrics to "Marilyn Moore."

The song uses the classic F#F#F#F#EB and has not been played live since the end of the '86 european tour.

Another video from 11-3-86.

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