Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Marilyn Moore

Track 3 on Side 2 of EVOL is called "Marilyn Moore."

Strange noises. That describes "Marilyn Moore." Even though Sonic Youth has dived into a world of structured songwriting, they still managed to get some new sounds out of their instruments. "Marilyn Moore" employs the use of a tape delay a lot like "Shadow of a Doubt". Lee begins a somewhat melodic pick scrape and slide to create a riff. Thurston's hollow yet poetic yell carries the melody of the song while Lee continues to use the pick scrape delay.

Lydia Lunch wrote the lyrics. This would Sonic Youth's third collaboration with Lunch. More to come.

Often used as the set opener during the '86 EVOL tour but has not been played since 11-22-86.

Video from 11-3-86. 

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